Louis Linn O Shin Chuen Union

Louis Linn O Shin Chuen Union (LLOSCU) is an organisation for members that practice Sifu Louis Linn's family style, O Shin Chuen. It was founded by Sifu Linn when he started to teach his family style in Taiwan during early 1970's, and continued when he arrived in Sweden in 1975.

The organisation provides education for instructors, week-end courses, training camps, etc. for its members. The purpose is to promote the style O Shin Chuen with qualified instructors.

When Sifu Louis Linn arrived he established the first Chinese martial arts school in Sweden and he openly taught the O Shin Chuen system to students. This was the first meeting between O Shin Chuen and other martial arts systems in Sweden.

Sifu Linn was challenged by resident practitioners of martial arts, both friendly and non-friendly, when he first came to Sweden and he demonstrated that O Shin Chuen was an effective self-defense system.

Over the years O Shin Chuen has produced a number of successful students who have won many medals in international competitions. Since its introduction in 1975 an estimated 35,000 students have trained O Shin Chuen, the largest amount of students for a single Chinese martial art style in Sweden. The style is not only popular for providing effective self-defence but because it also offers effective training for health and fitness.

Sifu Linn is currently the master of this style. As yet he has not appointed a successor.

Become a Member

An organisation or association that wishes to practice O Shin Chuen can apply for membership to LLOSCU.

Send your interest of application to info@louislinn.com with your organisation's background, name, address, phone, and the name of contact person and chief instructor. We will then contact you for further information.

Members of LLOSCU

Stockholm Wushu Academy, established 1975

Skövde Wushuförening, established 1978

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